RP IF Linköping HJ 1

Registration number: 4113
Registrator: Jenny Seger Log in
Primary shirt color: White
Leader: Johan Lindell
Stefan Roos
Johan Qvist
Max Mundel
Silver medal! Reached second place in Slutspel A
3:rd highest goal count among the teams in HJ (109)
In addition to the two RP Linköping teams, 19 other teams played in Herrjunior (födda 01-03). They were divided into 5 different groups, whereof RP IF Linköping 1 could be found in Group C together with Kärra HF, IF Swithiod and IFK Kristianstad 2.

RP IF Linköping 1 made it to Slutspel A after reaching 1:st place in Group C. Once in the playoff they made it all the way to the Final, but lost it against IFK Kristianstad 1 with 15-26. Thereby RP IF Linköping 1 finished second in HJ Slutspel A during Göteborg Cup Handboll 2020.

6 games played


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